Cheap Bamboo Sheet Sets vs. Linenly

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If you’re looking for cheap bamboo sheet sets, take a second to look at the crucial differences between cheap bamboo sheet sets vs quality bamboo bedding. By the end of this article, you’ll begin to understand why buying Linenly bamboo sheets might end up saving you money and time in the long term!

Cheap Bamboo Sheets: How Do They Stack Up?

The best of fabrics, bamboo fibres are naturally strong and, once woven, are incredibly soft and silky in texture. At its best, bamboo is comparable to cashmere - cool in summer, warm in winter, and breathable all year round.

However, cheap bamboo sheets are never going to be comparable to the high quality bamboo bedding available with Linenly. Cheap bamboo sheets are generally low-quality, made from blended materials, and will not provide the same benefits as Linenly's bamboo bedding.

What You Can Expect from Quality Sheets

Here are a few advantages of quality bamboo sheets:

1. Sustainability

Bamboo sheets are made from a fast-growing renewable resource, making them more sustainable than other natural fibres such as cotton, linen, or silk that all require harsh chemicals to grow and a lot of water to process. No chemicals are needed when manufacturing bamboo, meaning that you can feel good about investing in this green product.

Linenly bamboo sheets are Oeko Tex standard 100 certified, meaning that they are free of harmful chemicals and are designed to be biodegradable. They are also 100% organic and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

But be warned, plenty of retailers out there sell cheap bamboo bedding made from questionably sourced and manufactured bamboo.

2. Durability

Bamboo is very durable, with a lifespan up to three times that of regular cotton sheets. Cared for properly, your bamboo sheets will remain soft and won’t need replacing for years. This is because bamboo fibres are remarkably long and, when woven, are incredibly smooth and durable.

But not all bamboo sheets are created equal; cheap bamboo sheets are often mixed with low-quality synthetics leading to pilling and a short lifespan. At Linenly, we exclusively use Bamboo viscose because it’s soft to the touch, breathable, and lasts for years.  

3. Comfort

The long, rounded fibres of a bamboo plant mean that bamboo sheets are some of the softest and most luxurious sheets on the market when woven by a quality manufacturer.

At Linenly, we believe that a sateen weave is the best for bamboo fabric as it creates an extremely soft sheet with a smooth, lustrous, silk-like quality. Because of this, we believe this technique is the best fit to complement our bamboo fibre, and therefore this is our weave of choice at Linenly.  

4. Thermoregulating, Anti-bacterial & Hypoallergenic

Investing in sheets that are thermoregulating like bamboo viscose will help you make the most of your purchase as bamboo fibres work to eliminate moisture, keeping your body fresh, dry, and clean throughout the night. The properties of bamboo are also naturally resistant to bacteria, perfect for those with hypersensitive and reactive skin. Discouraging allergies, dust mites, and bacteria build-up, bamboo bed sheets keep the skin cool, the bed clean, and provide the perfect hygienic sleeping environment all year round.

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Price Difference Between Cheap & Quality

Cheap bamboo sheet sets are readily available for as little as $50, with luxury options available for as much as $300 or more. Having said that, there are plenty of high-quality options available in the midrange price point of $100-$150.

Quality bamboo bedding may initially be more expensive than cheap bamboo bedding, but the careful manufacturing, packaging and quality control processes involved in making and selling quality sheets makes them a much sounder investment in the long run.  

Where Do Cheap Bamboo Bed Sheets Fall Down?

Although initially a smaller investment, cheap bamboo sheet sets will fail you in the end for several reasons. Cheap bamboo bedding is usually made from bamboo material that has been blended with lower quality synthetic fibres to create bedding that will pill quicker and need replacing much sooner than a more durable 100% bamboo fabric. Cheap bamboo sheets are also prone to excess shrinkage and may not fit your bed after a few washes.

Although bamboo can be sourced and processed in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, cheap bamboo sheets are often sourced from organisations that don’t conform to these standards, so you need to be vigilant.

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Cheap Bamboo Sheet Sets vs. Linenly

While you can’t put a price on a good nights sleep, you can ensure that you spend your money wisely on quality items that will last. At Linenly, instead of offering cheap bamboo bedding, we’re focused on creating a soft, sustainable, and luxurious product that will give you the best night’s sleep possible.

If you want to learn more about bamboo sheets, you’ve come to the right place. Linenly is Australia’s leading bamboo retailer, providing a range of the highest quality bamboo sheet sets, bamboo quilt covers, bamboo fitted sheets and bamboo pillowcases. Shop the full range today, or check out our Linenly Life blog to learn more about the benefits of bamboo bedding.