Bed Sizes Australia Guide

Guide to finding the perfect sheets that fit, and tips on how to make them look great. Before you get in bed with us, get to know us and our sizing better. As it turns out, size does matter after all. Looking for bed sheet sizes quilt cover sizes and pillowcase sizes? Read on to learn more. We've created an easy Australia bed sizes guide so your bedding will not only look good but also fits well enough that you'll want to take it home...

What Size Is My Bed?

If you're unsure, the first thing to do is measure your bed. In Australia, our bed sizes are unique and different from places like New Zealand, Europe or America. The most typical size for an Australian household is a Queen mattress - it comfortably sleeps one to two people.

illustration of bed sizes in Australia

Bed Sheet Sizes

Below are the standard bed sheet sizes in Australia.

Bed Sheet Size Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet
L 190cm x W 91cm x D 40cm L 260cm x W 195cm
King Single L 203cm x W 91cm x D 40cm L 260cm x W 210cm
Double L 203cm x W 107cm x D 40cm L 260cm x W 240cm
Queen L 190cm x W 137cm x D 40cm L 260cm x W 255cm
King L 203cm x W 152cm x D 45cm 260cm x W 285cm
Super King L 203cm x W 182cm x D 45cm L 300cm x W 330cm

But wait, bed sheet size isn't the only thing that's important. Whether you prefer flat or fitted sheets, we have what you're looking for.

Unlike other fitted sheets that only have 30cm of fabric, our 45 cm deep sheets allow for extra fabric to stay snug under your mattress. With thick ribbed elastic on all edges, you never have to worry about the sheet riding up in the middle of the night.

With a double layer top edge, our flat sheets will make your bed look great without all the fuss. Plus, you'll feel like you're sleeping in a hotel every single night!

a bed with fitted sheet, pillows, quilt and a flat sheet

Quilt Cover Sizes

In Australia, the most common quilt cover sizes are as follows.

Quilt Cover Size Quilt Cover Dimensions
L 210cm x W 140cm
Double L 210cm x W 182cm
Queen L 210cm x W 210cm
King L 210cm x W 245cm
Super King L 240cm x W 270cm

At Linenly, our quilts will keep not only you comfortable at night but also your partner and kids. Our quilt covers are very soft to the touch too in addition to providing a great night's sleep!

Our long-staple cotton bedding collection features a quilt cover with an inventive, invisible zipper running along the bottom edge. Not only is this design more practical, but it also looks nicer.

Pillowcase Sizes

Furthermore, there are typical pillowcase sizes. So selecting the right size for your pillows is critical.

Pillowcase Size Pillowcase Dimensions
Australian Standard Pillowcase
L 73cm x W 48cm
King Size Pillowcase L 91cm x W 51cm
European Pillowcase L 65cm x W 65cm

With our pillowcases, you don't have to worry about your pillows poking out and making a mess. The extra deep pillow flap ensures that your pillows stay in place all night long.

2 pillow with a charcoal bamboo pillowcase

Something that's certain now? Dimensions aren't the only factor that counts in bed. Obviously, you desire to make sure your bed sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase sizes are just right. But here are a few other details to consider for an excellent night's sleep.

  • Make sure your fitted sheets are deep enough and have thick enough elastic to snugly hug your mattress (instead of riding up).
  • Keep your bed looking neat and tidy by choosing the correct-sized flat sheets.
  • If you have a queen-sized bed, opt for a king-size quilt cover instead.
  • If you're tired of struggling with difficult buttons, try a quilt cover with an invisible zip.
  • Use a pillowcase with a deep enough fold to keep your pillow in place.

Get a good night's sleep with the best bed sheets, cozy quilt covers and comfy pillowcases.

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